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Jason Erb Challenges John Moore


Jason Erb Notices that John Moore is an ex-AIDS-truthie

Dr. Moore,

I noticed you are no longer listed as a team member of, and I couldn’t find any announcement on the site about your departure.

Can you tell me why you left in the absence of a public announcement. given that you were a co–founder and the staunchest and most high–profile and credentialed member?


Jason Erb

John Moore Refuses to Debate


You should be well aware from your intense study of the site that we do not debate with AIDS denialists such as yourself, or answer any questions they pose to us. If you believe I would stoop to any discussion with someone like you, you are sadly deluded (but of course, as an AIDS denialist, you ARE indeed delusional, by definition).

[John Moore]

Jason Erb Repeats his Question

Dr. Moore,

I appreciate that you replied and the prompt nature of it.

However, please address me as Jason as I don’t have a doctorate to precede my last name as a proper greeting.

Also, I take exception with your allegation that I have made an intense study of the site. I’ve only read a few articles since coming across it earlier this year, and the fact that you are no longer listed as a member which is what I emailed you to ask about is clearly evidenced on a single page. And your departure is also not mentioned on the prominent latest news page and all this only came to my attention in the past month.

Finally, I take exception with your allegation that I am a ‘denalist’ (aside from citing any supporting evidence) for simply asking why you left , given that with no public announcement I would only be wastefully conjecturing, and your credentials and past involvement would seem to make a simple explanation public or otherwise, warranted.

So can you please address my initial question and can we both leave any unrelated matters aside?


John Moore's Final Word

We know who you are.

We do not answer questions from people like you, Erb.

Future emails from your account will now be spam filtered.

[John Moore]

Jason's Last Word

Dr. Moore,

Nor does it seem you answer any questions from fellow so–called AIDS Truthers either.
For I find it quite shocking and revealing that you would label someone a denialist based on them conducting an actual extensive study of what is presented as an AIDS truth site.

It’s said that the truth will set you free, but in your case Dr. Moore, it seems that the truth is solely in the eye of the beholder.


© Copyright May 18, 2009 by Rethinking AIDS.