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Christine Maggiore challenges Dr. Gerald Stine, teacher and author on AIDS


October, 2006

Dr. Gerald Stine


University of North Florida

(Teacher of a course entitled "The Biology of AIDS" and author of the college textbook "AIDS Update")

Dear Dr Stine,

I understand you are writing an update of your textbook on AIDS and plan to include some remarks about the death of my daughter Eliza Jane in the new edition.

Before committing to any take on this topic in print, you may wish to be aware of the outstanding questions regarding my daughter’s autopsy report (ie, the cause of death is not supported by medical evidence as there was no inflammation of the lungs, she had a higher than normal lymphocyte count rather than the lower than normal count seen in AIDS, etc) and the fact that after six months, we still have not received the information our attorneys requested from the coroner on any HIV-related diagnostics run postmortem.

I would imagine you want your textbook to be 100% correct and provide information that will not be proved invalid. Have you read anything on my case besides the LA Times articles?

Also, I would like to know if your book will include the following data as this would certainly put to rest my concerns about the veracity of the HIV = AIDS hypothesis:

  • A study published in a peer reviewed medical journal demonstrating direct isolation (purification) of whole, infectious HIV from persons with positive reactions on HIV antibody tests or the RNA/DNA tests known as viral load, and that evidences the inability to purify virus from a similar number of people responding negatively on these tests.
  • A study published in a peer reviewed medical journal that evidences validation of any type of HIV test by the direct isolation (purification) of whole, infectious HIV from positive testing persons, and the inability to purify virus from a similar number of people who test negative.
  • The package insert literature from any HIV test (antibody, antigen, or viral load) that explicitly claims FDA approval for the specific intended purpose of diagnosing current infection with HIV and that does not include disclaimers indicating the test is not claimed to be suitable for diagnostic purposes.
  • A study published in a peer reviewed journal that provides evidence of clinical health and survival benefits for any anti-HIV drug treatment via a double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled trail or one comparing HIV positives taking anti-HIV pharmaceuticals to a historical control of treatment naïve HIV positives that are matched for other health risks and that do not take anti-HIV medications during the trial and any follow up period.

I look forward to an informative reply.


Christine Maggiore


Christine reports that "Dr Stine communicated by phone that he was not interested in discussing any of the above, and before hanging up on me, offered a reason why the coroner's office has not provided lab evidence of Eliza Jane's HIV status – I'm a pest and pests don't deserve answers!”

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