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Charles Geshekter and Politique Africaine


March 3, 2006 7:18am

From: Charles Geshekter
Date: March 3, 2006 7:18:07 AM PST
To: "Vincent Foucher"
Subject: Re: Your proposal for Politique Africaine

Dear Mr. Foucher:

Thank you for recent comments.

I am sorry to learn that *Politique Africaine* decided not to accept my article for publication, although I am not entirely clear on the substantive reasons why.

In any case, in terms of a diversity of opinions, the members of your committee as well as the external reviewers might be interested in a revealing piece of investigative journalism that appears in the March 2006 issue of *Harpers Magazine.* It is by Celia Farber and entitled, "Out of Control: AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science."

That essay corroborates many of the key points in my own critique of AIDS in Africa while providing an even more devastating expose of the flaws, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and errors that mar so much of the orthodox view and research surrounding HIV and AIDS.

With best regards,
Charles Geshekter

March 3, 2006 2:54am

On Mar 3, 2006, at 2:54 AM, Vincent Foucher wrote:

Professor Geshekter,
Your paper has been reviewed by several members of our committee and by external reviewers as well. In light of these reviews, Politique Africaine has decided to reject its publication. A sociological approach to disease is undoubtedly important, one should always be a bit skeptical of what scientists and government and big firms say, health is indeed political and there is a lot more that should be done (and things, too, that should be stopped) to help Africa deal with her health crisis. These are legitimate preoccupations, but they should not however lead to an over-critical approach, amounting to a negation of the disease.
Vincent Foucher

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