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Alex Russell versus Nature on (Non-)Existence of HIV



Dear Dr Russell,
Thank you for your letter offering us an article on why you think 'HIV does not exist'. As you and we are aware, this is by no means a new assertion. If you have a significant new perspective to offer on this well-trodden issue, then by all means send us something and we will consider it in the usual way. We would not wish to consider an article covering old ground and/or reviewing old papers, or repeating the message in countless books and articles by people who think as you do, as this is counter to our editorial criteria of novelty. So on the face of it, an article along the lines you propose does not seem well-suited to Nature…If you wish to discover what scientific evidence exists for the existence of HIV, then we suggest you write to one of the scientists involved in HIV research, for example Anthony Fauci, David Ho or anyone, really.
Yours sincerely,
Dr Maxine Clarke
Executive Editor

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